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Talking Points: SummerStage 2015

SummerStage is shorting its festival season to the month of June …


  • Some reasons are practical and some philosophical
  • Shorter, stronger festival – more select lineup – to accommodate maximum participants we opened a fourth venue: The LaFortune Studio Cabaret
  • Keep the momentum going
  • Provide better coverage and service to our artists – July 4th interrups the flow of the festival so we moved it forward to June


  • Fringe & SummerStage started as united festivals, sharing artists, marketing and some funding – we are still sister festivals but with different venues
  • Making the two festivals independent of each other allows each to grow in its own environment: SummerStage at the PAC and Tulsa Fringe in alternative spaces.
  • Join the Tulsa Fringe Festival, Blue Whale comedy Festival in June as a performing arts festival month


  • Classic main stage musicals: West Side Story, Into the Woods – we’re getting Next to Normal from Theatre Tulsa.
  • Great dance: Fractured Eye (Perpetual Motion OKC and The Bell House)
  • Theatre: Heller Shorts & CCCCombo Breaker – original works
  • Cabaret! Janet Rutland & Cindy Cain; Pat Hobbs; Thomas Williams

RE: Compression into June

We’ve shortened the festival to the month of June for both practical and philosophical reasons. Practically, we were always having to dodge the weekend of July 4. We decided to move everything into June to give the festival more energy throughout. To accommodate the maximum participants, we added a fourth venue at the PAC: the LaFortune Studio Cabaret. Philosophically, we like the idea of June being a performing arts festival month in Tulsa (Tulsa Fringe Festival, Blue Whale Comedy Festival; Emerge Dance Festival; Busker Carnival), somewhat like May hosts visual arts festivals.

RE: SummerStage/Tulsa Fringe

SummerStage and Tulsa Fringe were united festivals last year. This year we are still “sisters” but operating more independently of one another. This allows each festival to grow in its own environment: SummerStage at the PAC and Tulsa Fringe in alternative performance spaces. 

RE: Highlights

We’re excited, as always, to bring a variety of events by outstanding local artists. We have standard musicals like Tulsa Project Theatre’s production of West Side Story and then newer works such as Next to Normal by Theatre Tulsa. We have some exciting original contemporary dance – Fractured Eye – by The Bell House (from Tulsa) and Perpetual Motion from OKC. We encourage new works such as CCCCombo Breaker by JohnTom Enterprises and fresh cabaret shows by Tulsa favorites Janet Rutland & Cindy Cain, Pat Hobbs and Thomas Williams. All in all there is a wide selection of engaging productions – and all available on a Festival Pass, for those who want to see three or more shows.